About Us

Trust , respect and transparency are our main keys in doing business and I’m certain that we share the same views to achieve fruitful and successful business relation. Please find in the attachments all our services brochures, accreditations and other relevant information which we encourage you to review carefully and to let us know in case you have any inquiry, further clarification or any additional information you may need. At the mean time please be advised that TÜV AUSTRIA Group is internationally acknowledged , with a comprehensive experience in safety, quality and environmental protection, We offer technical inspections and certification audits. With an experience of over 145 years and an expert team of high qualification, as well as laboratories and last generation equipment, TÜV AUSTRIA is a competent partner to all industries and we offer a wide range of comprehensive services

Our Vision & Mission

The vision and fundamental priority of TÜV AUSTRIA-JORDAN is the effective implementation of Quality as an indispensable business tool, focusing on people, safety, environment and the society. TÜV AUSTRIA-JORDAN goal is to provide independent third-party services in the form of Technical Audits, Inspections and Certifications, as well as to transfer know-how along with lifelong learning and training services in a large number of specialised sectors of economic activity. This is achieved by utilising highly trained and certified personnel in each field, ensuring the optimum solution under conditions of complete objectivity and indisputable independence.



Accredited Inspection and Certification Body services according to the Standards ISO/IEC 17065 (Products Certification), ISO/IEC 17020 (Inspection Body), ISO/IEC 17021 (Management Systems Certification).


Notifications in the European Union according to the Notification Numbers 0906 & 0408.


Accreditations by the Austrian & Greek Accreditation Systems.